Decorative lamp installation service in Phu Quoc

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When you need to install new or repair lighting systems at home, hotels, shops, resorts ... You need to find a professional unit because:

Light can bring about an almost instantaneous change in any room. Lighting in homes or shops or business establishments is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. You can create many unique effects to express your personal style by simply changing one lamp, new light.

Whichever way you choose to remodel your home or property in Phu Quoc Island, you must pay for professional and reliable lighting installation. Otherwise frequent wiring problems, damaged bulbs and problems that arise will cost you more money than you originally intended.

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Installation of decorative chandeliers

Installation of lights for landscape, garden, fence.

Security lighting installation

How to reduce your electricity bills while still having good lighting

Want to save money on electricity while protecting the environment? Using quality Led bulbs will help you have a cooler space and have better light. Installing quality LED lights can save you half your monthly lighting electricity bill. If you contact Ngoc Sang Lighting you can rest assured that we use the most efficient heavy saving lamps for your home or business. We provide and provide warranty for all lighting equipment of major reputable brands.

Problems often occur when installing Led lighting in Phu Quoc

The weather is usually long in the rainy season and the weather is humid. Salt vapor entering directly from the sea affects the lamp housing and internal electronic components, reducing lamp life.

Ceiling lights burned some bulbs. Normally, the light does not light because the bulb is damaged or burned. Also caused by light switches and wiring. The lights are blinking, often fail, you need to contact a reliable repair service.

The led light is blinking, the cause is usually that the drive controller has malfunctioned and cannot supply enough working voltage to the bulb. This is usually the most annoying. While there are many reasons behind this incident, replacing the lamp is a quick solution that won't cause trouble in the future.


Depending on each specific case, we advise customers to replace each component or replace a new lamp.

Products after being replaced and installed are warranted by Ngoc Sang Lighting

Select lighting installation service in Phu Quoc

Ngoc Sang Lighting provides lighting consulting services and installation of Led lighting equipment

30-day installation service warranty (product warranty according to the standards of each company)

Professionally trained installers.

Guaranteed 100% satisfaction when customers trust us.

Free lighting consulting, not obliging you to buy our lamps, we send affordable and transparent quotes.

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